Telematic Performance Update #2

November 15, 2006

Ok so we have adapted ALOT on our idea so here is the final draft ladies and gentlemen!

As a summary, the audience will play battleships and us, the group, will communicate between all of the parties.

So, if all goes to plan, There will be:

  • team 1 (Me and james)
  • Team 2 (Mat and Phil)
  • and Nick

using 2 OHP’s we will display 2 grids with co-ordinates so the audience can give them (team 2) a co-ordinate. once we have recieved the co-ordinate by semaphore, james will tell me if it is a miss or a hit (and also display this on the assetate displayed by the OHP) and i will signal BACK to team 1 if it is a miss or a hit. This will continue to happen until the picture that we chose unfolds to the audience, and there you go!

So all should go to plan.


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