December 16, 2006

Telematic day is HERE!

Please view the telematic project page for full documentation

Pre performance….

i thought i would be quiet nervous, but i wasnt, and neither was the group! we was all just chillin in the hive talking random stuff. Someone in the group mentioned earlier in the process that we should have sailor uniforms on (but that fell through) BUT some fool mentioned about making sailor hats out of newspaper! and so.. 

me and my hat  the group chillin! 

nick being a miserable loser! And we randomly decided about 7 hours ago that we would put in random sailor noises, and a theme tune!Post performance…Jesus christ it could not of gone any worse! first of all the computer decided to crash for literally 15-20 minutes and phil ended up telling poor jokes to keep the audience amused.After that ordeal was over we finally started to make ourselves look stupid. Everyone started bouncing when the theme tune kicked in so i had no choice but to do it aswell.The beggining of the performance went ok, the audience were giving co-ordinates, we were plotting them etc etc.. BUT! someone made an error and team 1 thought we had finished but team 2 was not so we kept playing and improvising.

But it was funny in the end and was a good day! Thanks for reading, ciao.


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