Development update..

October 25, 2009

For the last few hours I have been experimenting and understanding the basic concepts of the 2 programs I hope to be using for my 4D Project.. Quartz Composer and Processing.

These specific programs are so different yet have the potential to produce the same material. Quartz is a visual programming application; there is no code, but ‘Patches’ that you use to link one piece of information to another. It’s significantly easier on the eye to understand and to contemplate what you are making and how you are making it, yet it can get terribly messy at the same time. However, the most complex tasks in programs such as Processing could only take a few drag n’ drops into the main editor in Quartz which makes it very attractive to use. It has built-in RSS feed importers, XML parsing and many more small routines that could be adaptable in my project.

Processing, on the other hand is code and nothing else. There isn’t even a bug reporter or any assistance in regards to filtering out problems you may encounter. Yet at the same time I have seen many examples of what Processing is capable of (3d/XML integration) which gives me a problem, but A good one at that! More to come soon..


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