IDEA 5: 3D Replication of painting

October 28, 2009

Also one of my favourite idea’s, which is to replicate a famous painting into a 3D format. I have been an admirer of Lichtenstein’s work recently and the following painting stands out (for me at least)..

Because the majoriy of Lichtenstein’s work is Pop Art, i feel that if i were to replicate a painting such as the one above, it would be of a cartoon format. And due to the painting being 3D, I will have to create the other side of the painting (such as behind the explosion, or the other side of the aircraft) which I feel is interesting in itself. Showing my interpretation of the ‘Wham’ painting is a great interest in mine which I am keen on producing.



  1. esses quadros são uma maravilha….
    lichetenstein é um pop art

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