Drawing on the concept of 4D..

November 2, 2009

Using the programs previously mentioned and using Twitter as an input, I hope to fulfil the requirements of 4D. By creating a 3D engine and using Twitter feeds and other Twitter related information, i could use previously created 3D objects and mutate/change it’s parameters via Twitter through XML or RSS feeds. This could range from the length of a ‘tweet’, the frequency of someone tweeting, or the trending topic a Twitter user is publishing. The different data sets I can retrieve from Twitter go on and on. By integrating this concept and a 3D engine, I believe I can show a timeline of someone’s (or everyone’s) usage of twitter in an effective and attractive way, which will result as a continously adapting organism that leaves a continuous trail of time behind itself. This, i feel, is one of the many ways 4D can be shown.


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