Imported XML and RSS from Twitter!

November 12, 2009

After researching into Quartz Composer and the functions it can perform, it did not appear too difficult to import RSS feeds or even XML data. After familiarizing myself with the program interface of QC (Quartz Composer), it wasn’t too long before I was creating basic compositions that perform simple functions such as rotating 3D cube, generate random shapes etc.

There are a few basic XML example templates within QC that i researched and tried to understood how it works, and after some tinkering around I finally managed to import XML data from twitter using the following link.. http://twitter.com/statuses/public_timeline.xml.

It’s quite hard to understand how it selects which nodes to display and i’m not quite sure how to specify exactly what data to show. The link I just supplied is the public timeline of tweets around the world, and shows 20 status updates at any one moment. (because there are 1000’s of tweets a second, the page is constantly updated..). Using QC I can display the first status update (the TEXT node) and the source of the update (the SOURCE node) and that’s it at the moment.

To import RSS feed’s is fairly simple. simply specify the RSS feed and it imports the latest entry and scroll’s through the page at any given rate.


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