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Imported XML

December 12, 2010

Just a quick update, I have successfully imported XML from twitter into QC, hopefully in the next few days I will link the information (most likely the tweet length) to some test visuals. More to follow!



May 15, 2010

OK! I’m pretty sure my 4D project is completed.. here is a video and a few screenshots of how it looks..


Overall i am pretty pleased with what I have created and the association with the module is met (in my eyes at least). Here are a few features of the final product..

  • Full 3D angle customisation using mouse input.
  • Dynamic entities manipulated by tweet lengths of the public XML timeline.
  • Current UK Trending topics represented and manipulated by the trending topics themselves.
  • Full ‘twitter globe’ view.

Source File


Adding words..

May 3, 2010

In relation to my previous post, I have decided to add some words that are integrated into my visualisation composition. The words are current UK trending topics (which are pretty random) – changing size depending on the tweet length. The main words are changing size themselves.. others are changing the entities next to them (again, depending on the tweet length). I have also added a few aesthetic entities throughout the visualisation which are linked to the public timeline.


Updated entity..

May 1, 2010

Ok, the entity is now 3D which is controlled by the length of the tweet at the current node. At the moment it is mostly attractive over anything else (which is a bit of a concern) however I plan to add a trending topic feature in my ‘twitter globe’ to make the twitter link more obvious.. more to follow!


Limit Rates..

January 27, 2010

MAJOR SETBACK! Twitter has decided to limit REST API requests to 150 an hour which has had a huge impact on my project. Initially, the QC composition requested the XML page as soon as the last XML page was loaded.. due to internet connection speeds this was roughly 1-2 per second. As a result I have implemented an LFO patch which delays the request of a new XML page load to once every 20 seconds.

Ideally I would of preferred to have the data as live as possible to keep the flow going. However it should be ok as it is.. more to follow!



January 25, 2010

After creating some initial data visualisation in QC, i have started to make the visualisation a tad more complex than what I have previously done. I am using the particle system within QC which generates an aesthetically appealing entity (supplying the image to generate). The Z property can also be specified which will be useful in the latter stages of my twitter visualisation to make the entity and visualisation have more depth..


Initial Look..

January 18, 2010

Ok, so I have been playing around with QC to start on my actual project and create some really basic data visualisation using the tweet lengths from the public twitter timeline (linked a few posts below). Obviously it is pretty basic but it is a start, which i’m pretty pleased about!! 🙂