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Digital Media Environments Project Proposal

November 3, 2009

My Idea
The piece that I have decided to produce for the first project for Digital Media Environments will be based on turning a standard 2D painting into a 3D landscape. I will re-produce a painting created by Rafal Olbinski known as ‘Maze’ (see below)..

I was first introduced to Rafal Olbinski via the Module Leader, Vladimir Geroimenko. I expressed my basic intentions to Vladimir (to re-create a painting into 3D) and he showed me a similar example that someone else has produced…


I took a significant inspiration from this specific piece of work and came to the conclusion that I would focus my search criteria of paintings created by Rafal Olbinski. Olbinski’s art is mainly surrealism which I feel coincides with my idea and the project in general. The specific work that Olbinski creates (I feel) is suited well in terms of a 3D environment. Similar work that he has produced can be seen below..

I decided to use ‘Maze’ because (I believe) it is bet suited for creating the environment in 3D. Paintings that used a significant amount of scenery (such as trees) would not be appropriate to re-design using 3D software, which is why I have decided to use the painting I stated. The maze itself will be a challenging yet possible task to complete, along with the rest of the environment.

Theory into Practice
I initially tried to use a 3D Rendering program known as Blender in order to create basic scenario’s (such as river’s, simply for practice) but it became apparent that I could not quite get to grips with the software. 3D Studio Max is available for the students to use in the University Campus therefore I have decided to base my project around this program. I have produced basic objects (such as below) and I believe I can produce what I intend to do.


Gantt Chart
Please find below a link to view the Gantt chart for my project. I intend to base my time management around this plan in order to produce the strongest possible project.

Screen shot 2009-11-03 at 18.02.19


3D Test Render..

October 30, 2009

I have been using 3Ds Max for the last hour tring to get to grips with the system and how it works. I have followed a few tutorials showing me how to make simple shapes and textures. I found a basic river tutorial and this is the result.



Basic, I know. At least now I have a vague idea how to ue the program, things can only get better.


3D Update..

October 29, 2009

After showing Vlad my 3D Painting Idea, the feedback was quite good. He liked the idea of re-creating a painting in 3D format but was not particularly keen on the painting itself. After researching paitning via The Tate and other known sites, I have the following examples of environment’s that I could use..






Hopefully I will be able to show Vlad these examples and get started on my 3D Project!!


IDEA 5: 3D Replication of painting

October 28, 2009

Also one of my favourite idea’s, which is to replicate a famous painting into a 3D format. I have been an admirer of Lichtenstein’s work recently and the following painting stands out (for me at least)..

Because the majoriy of Lichtenstein’s work is Pop Art, i feel that if i were to replicate a painting such as the one above, it would be of a cartoon format. And due to the painting being 3D, I will have to create the other side of the painting (such as behind the explosion, or the other side of the aircraft) which I feel is interesting in itself. Showing my interpretation of the ‘Wham’ painting is a great interest in mine which I am keen on producing.


IDEA 4: geographical 3D London Underground Map

October 28, 2009

This is probably one of my favourite idea’s at the moment. I have always found it amusing and quite clever how the London Underground Map is deliberately deceiving. The map is designed so it’s ‘nice to view’ – which as a result is not a true map of where the tube stations are located within London. Below is the tube map compared with a geographical map..

As you can see, they are significantly different to one another, and i feel the 3D representation of the true London underground map is an insightful and interesting idea. I was also thinking of integrating some of the well known London Underground landmarks, such as Nelson’s Column, The London Eye, London Bridge and so on.


IDEA 3: scale related Solar System

October 28, 2009

Another idea could be to replicate the solar system that we live in. In my first year I created a time/scale related 2D version of our solar system using VBScript, which could aid me in calculating the relative time it takes for planets to orbit. I have found a video on YouTube which is similar to what I would lie to create..


IDEA 2: Earth with worldwide landmarks..

October 28, 2009

My second idea is the creation of the world as we know it, but greatly enlarging well known worldwide landmarks within 3D.

I could potentially create the globe and use landmarks such as Big Ben, The White House, Sydney Opera House, Red Square etc in an enlarged format, using something like the below as a guide, but creating the landmarks roughly 1/3 of the globe size..