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Digital Media Environments Project Proposal

November 3, 2009

My Idea
The piece that I have decided to produce for the first project for Digital Media Environments will be based on turning a standard 2D painting into a 3D landscape. I will re-produce a painting created by Rafal Olbinski known as ‘Maze’ (see below)..

I was first introduced to Rafal Olbinski via the Module Leader, Vladimir Geroimenko. I expressed my basic intentions to Vladimir (to re-create a painting into 3D) and he showed me a similar example that someone else has produced…


I took a significant inspiration from this specific piece of work and came to the conclusion that I would focus my search criteria of paintings created by Rafal Olbinski. Olbinski’s art is mainly surrealism which I feel coincides with my idea and the project in general. The specific work that Olbinski creates (I feel) is suited well in terms of a 3D environment. Similar work that he has produced can be seen below..

I decided to use ‘Maze’ because (I believe) it is bet suited for creating the environment in 3D. Paintings that used a significant amount of scenery (such as trees) would not be appropriate to re-design using 3D software, which is why I have decided to use the painting I stated. The maze itself will be a challenging yet possible task to complete, along with the rest of the environment.

Theory into Practice
I initially tried to use a 3D Rendering program known as Blender in order to create basic scenario’s (such as river’s, simply for practice) but it became apparent that I could not quite get to grips with the software. 3D Studio Max is available for the students to use in the University Campus therefore I have decided to base my project around this program. I have produced basic objects (such as below) and I believe I can produce what I intend to do.


Gantt Chart
Please find below a link to view the Gantt chart for my project. I intend to base my time management around this plan in order to produce the strongest possible project.

Screen shot 2009-11-03 at 18.02.19